Wicked People, Noble Minds

The world is awfully quiet, 
 When you feel alone and loveless
 A starless night is long, 
When you find yourself wandering aimlessly 

The world is a loveless landscape 
Filled with war and pain and loss 
With unloved remains and desperate cries 
That leave some quiet and unfound 

The world is a loud hell 
When one is looking for peace 
Fires in hearts and minds
Begging to be extinguished 

Wicked people fighting noble minds 
Hopelessness in the face of doom 
As hope quick as water runs 
Lost and fleeting in a single second

A bittersweet world is what we have 
Of conflict and hatred and love we find 
Of crows loving murder, 
Of humans losing mind

by jadeoswaldpoetry on Tumblr