10 Must-have Apps for Writers

As Writers, we need to be able to make time to write, have our work backed up and have a platform to share them. Here are some apps that are very helpful for Writers:

1- Google Docs:

This app is useful for writers who want to share their documents with other people, if you have a writing partner this app is very helpful! You can both edit the document and work together. You can also log into your account from any device and have all your work there.

  • It’s free
  • Available on both IOS and Android
  • Available on all devices, including desktops

2- Google Keep:

Like Google Docs, my favorite part about this app is how you can log in from different devices and still have all of your notes! You can make checklists, to-do lists or just write notes. As a writer, it will be much easier to accomplish goals and write down notes and ideas for your stories.

  • It’s free
  • Available on IOS and Android
  • Available on all devices

3- Google Calendar:

This app is helpful to schedule your writing sessions and set reminders to get up and write! It’s especially useful if you get distracted and need to schedule hours for writing.

  • It’s free
  • Available on IOS and Android
  • Available on all devices

4- Forest:

If you procrastinate a lot, well this is the app for you! This app stops you from using your phone and you can set the amount of time you want to be productive for.

  • It’s free on android but costs $1.99 on IOS
  • It’s available on both IOS and Android
  • Can be an add-on on Chrome

5- Grammarly:

This add-on is perfect since it fixes typos and suggests better grammar structure.

  • It’s free but you can pay for the premium version
  • Can be added as a Chrome add-on

6- Wattpad:

This is probably one of the biggest writing platforms in the internet! You can share your work, grow an audience, get feedback, make friends, and more! If you’ve been writing for a while, you can turn your books into Paid ones, meaning readers have to pay to read. You can also read lots of free and interesting books there.

  • Free
  • Available on both IOS and Android
  • Good way to get your writing out there!

7- Instagram:

I’m sure you already know Instagram and probably already have it, but have you ever thought about how useful it can be to you as a writer? As the writing community has been growing online, Instagram has become a useful social media for writers! You can follow many hashtags like #writingtips or #writingprompts to get ideas and motivation, you can also share your work there!

  • Free
  • Easy to start an account on
  • Available on Android and IOS

8- PicsArt:

This app is useful for anyone who wants to create their own book cover without using photoshop or illustrator; since they’re expensive. Obviously it’s not as good as them, but it’s very helpful if you’re a new writer and just need a book cover for Wattpad.

  • Free but has in-app purchases
  • Available on both IOS and Android
  • Easy to use

9- Canva:

Like PicsArt, this app is useful for anyone wanting to create their own book covers without expensive editing apps, it also has many templates to edit if you’re not great with editing.

  • Free but has in-app purchases
  • Available on both IOS and Android
  • Has templates, making it easy to use

10- Scrivener:

I haven’t personally used the app, but I’ve heard lots of good things about it. It’s a useful app for writers who want to write on the go without having to a lug a laptop with them wherever they go. It’s especially useful if you’re writing something long like a manuscript or a novel.

  • Costs $19 on IOS
  • Not available on Android

How Can You Gain Readers?

As writers, we obviously want active readers who enjoy our work and comment on it. But how can we grow such an audience?

1- Read other people’s work

A good way to gain a new reader and possibly a new friend is by reading other writers’ work and commenting on them, or giving them constructive criticism. However, don’t just comment stuff without actually meaning it. It definitely shows. Comment something genuine and useful for the writer to grow. This way you’re an active part of the writing community and most writers really appreciate when someone comments on their work and gives them tips to improve. Who knows, they might read your work and comment back.

2- Update frequently

This tip only applies to people who publish their work a chapter at a time, like most Wattpad users for example. If you publish your work one chapter at a time, make sure to do it frequently, since readers probably won’t wait for a book that gets updated once every few month no matter how well-written it is. They will probably move on and start reading something else. However, don’t update too frequently to give readers some time to get excited. You could also create a posting schedule and tell your readers about it; that way readers know when to expect the next update.

3- Promote your work the right way

This one can be a double-sided sword, promoting your work can really help grow an audience but it should be done the right way, don’t promote your work anywhere and all the time, it can really annoy people and make them uninterested in your book. Here are some good ways to promote:

  • Talk about your book in the right place, like writing clubs and clubs on Wattpad that are meant for talking about your book.
  • Don’t talk about your book in random Youtube or Instagram comment sections, this can really turn a person off.
  • You could join Writers’ Café discord server and promote your work in the self-promo section!

4- Reply to comments

You obviously don’t have to reply to every comment you get, but try replying to any comment you like or a comment that gave you constructive criticism, and thank them for taking the time to comment. This makes readers feel like they’re closer to you as a person and it also makes other readers want to comment.

5- Have an attractive book cover

We all know the famous saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Sadly, most readers will do that, so take some time to create a good book cover or pay someone to do it for you.

6- Add a good title and story description

Other than the book cover, a good title and story description is what grabs readers attention next. Make your title short and catchy. Your story description should explain what your book is about without revealing way too much. It should make the readers excited to know more.

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